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Name:We believe in Jo, canon, and orange trees!
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This is a closed community, with automatic locked posts. We are not accepting any new requests for membership at this time aside from an occasional invite-only by one of the community's maintainers. Former members, please go here for more info. Thank you.

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Our Core Values

What We Believe In
The Jo is my shepherd; I shall not want
Orange Trees
That bickering is not unhealthy

Why We Ship OBHWF
Because trees are necessary for life
Because chocolate oranges taste good
Because JKR said so!
Because Iggy says so!
Because we're final canon!

Rules & Regulations

By Order of the Wizengamot

*One Big Happy Weasley Family shippers ONLY! You must like and appreciate both Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione, or at least like one and be respectful of the other. We also consider Remus/Tonks & Bill/Fleur to be a part of the wide world of OBHWF (as well as being canon) so remember the issue of respect there as well.

*There is to be no hate WHATSOEVER on any member of the Fab Four (and we don’t mean the Beatles). Indifference is OK, but please, be respectful of the fact that not everyone feels the same way. Also, be prepared to read strongly worded posts in defense.

*There is to be absolutely NO bashing, or thinly veiled barbs, aimed at Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, the Weasley family in general, and most especially J.K. Rowling. We are Jo and canon appreciators, thanks very much.

*Some posts may contain strong language against Harry/Hermione, Harry/Luna, Ron/Luna, Hermione/Neville, Hermione/Draco, Ginny/Neville, Ginny/Draco, etc., etc, etc.

*Snarking and negative comments about the above listed ships is based strictly on the idea of any of them being, or becoming, canon. We have no issue with the idea of any of them as fanon constructs, so if you enjoy them in fanon do not be offended at what you may see.

Failure to abide by the above listed regulations will result in the user's wand being snapped in half and immediate expulsion from Hogwarts the community.

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Posting Guidelines

Some things to keep in mind when posting a new entry. These are similar to our already established rules & regulations but include a few reminders including how you tag your entries. This will make it easier for new members to browse older entries and get caught up. You may also find post entries using the Memories feature (the heart icon on this page).

*Please do your best to remember to tag your entries! :D In addition, you may go back and use the "edit tag" icon. An existing list of community tags should be visible. Select all that apply.
*Your tag(s) should be what type of post you are making (i.e. rant, squee, rave, icons, o/t). Next should come some sort of information about what, exactly, you are ranting, squee-ing, or raving about - for example: rant, anti-H/Hr or squee, new pics. The tags are automatically alphabetized when the entry is posted or tag edited.
*Off topic posts should be kept to a minimum, and always tagged as such. An example of a bad o/t post would be talking about how you failed your French final exam. A good o/t post would be telling us about a random meeting with another HP fan in line at the grocery store.
*You may occasionally see an info or mod post tag. This will be used by the community maintainers/moderators to keep you apprised of anything that we think is important.

*Please include an Entry title in the subject line. This will make it easier to find in the Page Summary links and in the memories link on this page. Thanks!

*Please use LJ-Cut when you post a long entry or post more than 4 icons.

*While we do not consider ourselves to be Grammer Nazis please keep the Netspeak to a minimum when posting to the community. Also, proper punctuation and capitalization are recommended.

*Please provide links to references in your post. It makes it easier to see what we're "discussing". ;-)

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H/G: Even The Owls Know!

Harry/Ginny is canon love!

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See what H/G and Ginny-hate do to you?

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We believe in trees!

heRmiONe is canon love!

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